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Dawnette Smith

  • Broker Associate

Dawnette is best described as a ‘dynamo’ due to her incredible energy, exceptional follow-through, and passion for everything she does. Just as likely to be seen in full hunting regalia as a business suit and stilettos, Dawnette exemplifies the modern-day professional who is both ambitious and diverse in career and recreation. As a North Dakota native, she was raised close to the land which gave her an appreciation for the outdoors and a true sense of place. This has translated into a passion for real estate that started in Aspen, Colorado in the late nineties. Initially managing property, she became a partner, broker and rental director for a long-standing and highly respected real estate company in Aspen – Stirling Homes, Inc. In 2012, she guided their merge with another boutique firm to form Stirling Peak Properties – taking on the role of founding partner. Nearly twenty years after her arrival in Aspen, Dawnette knows the Roaring Fork Valley like the back of her hand. She happily shares her insight to help clients explore and connect with the community in order to discern their “place” in the valley.

Dawnette’s deep roots bring her back to North Dakota on a regular basis. In addition to connecting with family in Williston, she is a founding partner in Bakken Asset Management that acquires assets in and around the city. From water management to multi-family acquisitions and business development – her involvement there is as exciting as it is diverse. This business endeavor has broadened her perspective on assets, which translates into better guidance for her real estate clients.

The breadth of her career is wide but at the core is her incredible gift of connection. Building life-long relationships with clients, partners and friends, being an expert networker and listener, and igniting it all with her ‘dynamo’ spark to make things happen. She is also a master orchestrator, finding the most effective way to allocate and organize resources – all with a smile on her face and infectious enthusiasm. Driven by her talents, Dawnette continuously pushes herself to reach new levels of excellence in all facets of life.

International travel is a necessity for it has, and always will, broaden Dawnette’s understanding of diversity. She believes being immersed in foreign cultures expands and stimulates the mind, while providing deeper understanding of alternative environments and how other people think.

Dawnette’s hobbies include international and domestic travel, chopping wood, sky diving, dirt biking, sitting by a camp fire, hiking, snowmobiling, boating, entertaining friends & family, reading a book on the beach, arranging flowers, gardening, hunting, yoga, scuba diving, deep sea and fly fishing.

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630 East Hyman Ave, Suite 101
Aspen, 81611